About Oil Profit

Our crew is devoted to delivering a platform that's accessible to anyone, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned pro. Here, you can learn a bit about how Oil Profit came to be.

Rewinding back to 2016 and stepping into 2017, Bitcoin was starting to get some serious attention. This attention peaked during the 2017 boom, when a flood of new traders entered the market.

The founders of Oil Profit, who are seasoned oil traders, took all of this in. They pondered what made Bitcoin so approachable, despite being a technology that's arguably more difficult to understand than oil.

Meanwhile, the oil market remained in the control of a select few.

Oil Profit is For Everyone

Our founders realized that the reason oil wasn’t popular wasn't due to its complexity but rather its lack of accessibility.

There were no online platforms allowing the average trader to trade oil. Existing platforms were designed for those already savvy and experienced in trading.

That’s when the idea for Oil Profit sparked. Armed with extensive knowledge about oil, the founders brought on a team of developers to handle the technical aspects of the platform.

Going Public

During its development, the team also enlisted the help of UI professionals to create the comprehensive user interface you can see on the platform today.

As time marched on, the platform steadily evolved until 2021, when the team put the finishing touches on it and released it to the public.

It's been a five-year journey, but now you finally have access to a tool that simplifies trading oil.

Whether you’re a trading newbie or you’ve been at it for a while, Oil Profit can help you diversify your portfolio. All you need to do is sign up for an account and begin your investment journey with the platform.