A Bit About Oil Profit

Our team is dedicated to providing a platform that anyone can use, no matter their background. Here's a wee bit about how Oil Profit came to be.

Rewind to 2016, heading into 2017, and Bitcoin was starting to make some noise. All that buzz led to the boom in 2017, which saw new traders flooding the market like tourists at Temple Bar.

The founders of Oil Profit, experienced oil traders themselves, were paying close attention. They wondered what made Bitcoin so accessible, despite being a technology that's harder to wrap your head around than a Leitrim accent.

Meanwhile, oil remained a market cornered by a handful of high-flyers.

Oil Profit: It's For Everyone

What our founders noticed was that oil wasn't unpopular due to its complexity, but rather its accessibility, or lack thereof.

There were no online platforms for your average Joe Soap to trade oil. The platforms that did exist were geared towards those already in the know, the seasoned pros.

And that's when the lightbulb moment happened. Armed with a wealth of oil knowledge, our founders assembled a team of tech whizzes to handle the platform's technical aspects.

Launching to the Public

During the development phase, the team also brought on board some UI gurus to help create the easy-to-use interface you see on the platform today.

Progress continued steadily, and by 2021, the team had put the finishing touches on the platform and opened it up to the public.

Sure, it's been five years in the making, but now you have access to a tool that makes oil trading a piece of cake.

Whether you're a trading newbie or a seasoned hand, Oil Profit can help you diversify your portfolio. All you have to do is sign up for your account and kickstart your investing journey with us.