A Bit About Oil Profit

Our mob is committed to delivering a platform that anyone can use, no worries. Here you can learn a bit about the beginnings of Oil Profit.

Turn back the clock to 2016, rolling into 2017, and Bitcoin was starting to pick up pace. This all led to the 2017 boom, which saw heaps of new traders flooding the market, like flies to a barbie.

The founders of Oil Profit, who know their way around the oil trade, were watching this all unfold. They pondered on what made Bitcoin so accessible. It was a technology that's harder to grasp than understanding the rules of Aussie Rules, and yet more and more people were trading it.

Meanwhile, oil remained a market lorded over by a select few big wigs.

Oil Profit: It's for Every Bloke and Sheila

What our founders twigged onto was that oil wasn't less popular because of its complexity, but because of accessibility.

There weren't any platforms online that let your average punter trade oil. All the platforms were designed for those who already had their head around it and were experienced traders.

That's where the lightbulb moment happened. Armed with a truckload of oil knowledge, our founders started to recruit a team of tech whizzes to sort out the platform's technical side.

Launch to the Public

During the development phase, the team also roped in some UI experts to help whip up the comprehensive user interface you see on the platform today.

Over time, the platform took shape and by 2021, the team had put the final touches on the platform and released it to the public.

It's been five years in the works, but now you finally have access to a resource that makes trading oil as accessible as a cold one at the local.

Whether you're new to the trading game or you've been around the traps a few times, Oil Profit can help you mix up your portfolio. All you need to do is sign up for your account and kick off your investing journey with the platform.